Storing Your Boat

At Lone Star Boat Storage, we understand your boat was most likely a large investment as well as a piece of equipment you enjoy using for some of your many hobbies. As such, we also understand how important it is to make sure you’re properly storing your boat. In the off-season, you may tend not to use your boat as often as you would during the warm summer months, which are perfect for spending nice days on the water fishing or relaxing. During the time your boat spends not in use, it is important to make sure it keeps its high-quality appearance, without worrying about any deteriorating pieces or lowering the overall value. To assist with this, we have some guidelines to follow when storing your boat.

Removing Your Boat from Water

This initial tip is important if you tend to keep your boat in the water when not in use. If possible, it’s best to remove your boat from the water. When sitting in water, your boats hull and deck area are fully exposed to the elements and can take a beating over time from weather and battering waves.

Inspect Your Boat

Once your boat has been removed, conduct a thorough check to ensure there aren’t any leaks or places where water is sitting inside, indicating leaks you will want to take care of right away. You may also find some other areas where repairs or replacement parts are needed to get your boat back in shape. This could be within the engine, ropes, seats, or any other areas susceptible to deterioration.

Move Your Boat to an Indoor Facility

By deciding to move your boat to indoor storage, you’re able to keep it protected from the elements or other people that could otherwise harm. At Lone Star Boat Storage, our new facility offers every area of protection you could want for your boat. Fully enclosed stalls mean your boat won’t be harmed and is safe and secure indoors, while security cameras monitor everything happening outside.

If you have any further questions, want to know more tips on how to store your boat or keep it safe during storage, or if you are interested in storing your boat with us at Lone Star Boat Storage get in touch with us today. Now is a great time to take advantage of all the great amenities we have to offer — we look forward to hearing from you.